Alaska Drug Rehab

Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious problems in the state of Alaska affecting thousands of people. The consequences of this are evident in the amount of alcohol and drug related injuries and deaths in the state each year and other criminal justice, health and social consequences which occur because individuals in the state become caught up in the viscous cycle of addiction. Addicted individuals don�''t have to suffer these consequences and potentially lose their lives to drugs or alcohol, when there are effective treatment solutions in the state which have helped thousands of people overcome this problem. Drug rehab programs in Alaska not only help individuals get off of drugs and abstain from abusing alcohol but also help them become fully rehabilitated so that they no longer feel the need to abuse these substances in the future.

If an individual who is abusing drugs and alcohol will not get help on their own, it is sometimes necessary to intervene and ensure they get the help they need before it is too late. Individuals who are addicted to drugs are often in denial, and family and loved ones can even sometimes be in denial themselves and may even be enabling the addicted individual and supporting their addiction, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, family members and loved ones must remain vigilant, heed warning signs and take action to get an addicted individual in rehab as soon as possible even if it means taking drastic measures to do so.

A drug or alcohol intervention is one tool that has proven invaluable in getting addicted individuals who may have refused help in the past to finally accept help and go to drug rehab. An intervention is typically done in coordination with the drug rehab program of choice and in liaison with a professional drug interventionist who will help orchestrate the intervention itself and work to educate, counsel and guide intervention participants through the process. An intervention is a way for everyone concerned to communicate to the addicted individual how addiction has affected everyone and what they can do immediately to change it. If the individual doesn�''t accept help, intervention participants are urged to enforce bottom lines which will stop any enabling that has been occurring and protect others who are being harmed by the individual�''s choice to continue abusing drugs or alcohol. This in itself is sometimes enough to convince the individual that drug rehab is the right away to go, and can be a powerful tool as part of an intervention.

Once an individual does wind up in rehab, they will at first have to overcome the physical obstacles that are a part of the drug rehab process. Some individuals are under the impression that this is the only step of rehab, although this is only a very small aspect of treatment which in itself isn�''t considered treatment at all. However, it is important that individuals who are coming off of drugs receive the utmost care during this crucial time. Addicted individuals who either quit cold turkey or are being weaned off of a drug or alcohol will experience intense physical symptoms and cravings during the detoxification process as these substances leave their body. Some substances cause withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and grand mal seizures which can be life threatening. If not in a drug rehab or drug detox facility with proper supervision and medical attention, the consequences can be disastrous. In a drug rehab however, individuals can be safely seen through detox and withdrawal so that they can then address the most important part of the rehab process.

After detox is complete, most drug rehab programs in Alaska will work with individuals to put them back in control of the thoughts and actions so that drugs and alcohol are no longer a solution to their problems in life. This is done through different treatment techniques, which can vary from drug rehab to drug rehab in the state. Most will provide counseling services and other forms of therapy to help the individual uncover things, situations, and relationships in their lives which debilitate them and trigger drug and alcohol abuse. The focus is then put on developing effective coping mechanisms so that these situation and circumstances will be handled with logic and reason instead of drugs and alcohol.

Some situations which may trigger drug and alcohol use can be difficult to spot, and if left unresolved could come back and haunt the person in the future and could cause a relapse. To prevent this from occurring, it is important that individuals in drug rehab in Alaska be given every opportunity to stay in rehab as long as possible and in the best environment possible so that they can have the best chance at 100% rehabilitation. Many drug rehab programs in the state for examples are outpatient programs or short term 30-day programs for example. These types of drug rehab programs in Alaska may be effective for individuals with a very short stint with alcohol or drugs and no long-term dependency.

The most effective drug rehab programs in Alaska are programs which allow the person to remain in an inpatient or residential drug rehab for at least 90 days, and even up to a year in some cases. This will allow treatment clients to take part in treatment without distraction and at their own pace, as everyone is faced with different challenges and circumstances. To put a certain time frame on treatment is not going to provide desirable results in outcome and will inevitably open the door to relapse. If clients are treated on an individual basis with a tailored treatment curriculum which can be adapted as the client�''s needs change, this has been proven to provide the highest success rates.

If you or someone you care about in Alaska needs help with drug or alcohol addiction, contact a drug treatment counselors in your area to find out what treatment options are available. You may also get immediate assistance in holding a drug or alcohol intervention as needed to help get your friend or loved one started in treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment Listings in Alaska:
  • Discovery Cove Recovery and
    2975 Mill Bay Road Kodiak Alaska, 99615
  • North Star DeBarr Hospital
    2530 DeBarr Road Anchorage AK., 99508
  • Alaska Native Medical Center
    4320 Diplomacy Drive Anchorage Alaska, 99508
  • Hope Counseling Center
    926 Aspen Street Fairbanks AK., 99709
  • Maniilaq Counseling and Recovery Ctr
    733 2nd Avenue Kotzebue Alaska, 99752
  • King Cove CHC
    100 Slocum Drive King Cove AK., 99612
  • North Slope Borough
    5200 Karluk Street Barrow Alaska, 99723
  • Juneau Youth Services Inc
    9290 Hurlock Avenue Juneau AK., 99801
  • Providence Kodiak Island
    717 East Rezanof Drive Kodiak Alaska, 99615
  • Resolution Services Office of
    401 East Northern Lights Boulevard Anchorage AK., 99503
  • Mat Su Health Services
    1363 West Spruce Avenue Wasilla Alaska, 99654
  • Wasilla Behavioral Health Services
    301 East Danna Avenue Wasilla AK., 99654
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council Inc
    3600 San Jeronimo Drive Anchorage Alaska, 99508
  • AK Child and Family
    1920 East 24th Avenue Anchorage AK., 99508


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