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Drug abuse and addiction are serious problems for many individuals in Montana. Illicit street drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine as well as prescription pain killers including methadone are all substances which are abused and cause serious consequences among residents in the state. Alcoholism is also very prevalent in Montana, a problem which spans all age groups including underage drinkers in the state. As a result of such high levels of substance abuse in Montana, the state also has a higher than average annual drug-induced death rate. Drug rehab programs in Montana are experienced in handling even the toughest cases addiction, and can provide individuals in the state with counseling and other services avoid such dire consequences.

Because each individual is different and requires specialized care while in treatment, it is wise to make oneself aware of the different types of drug rehab available in Montana as well as the varying approaches to treatment. For example, there are outpatient, inpatient and residential, long term and short term drug rehab programs in the state. While outpatient and short term programs for example may be a suitable options for someone who doesn�''t have an extensive history with drugs or alcohol, these types of programs don�''t provide an intensive or extensive amount of care for individuals who wish to overcome dependency and addiction. Most individuals who choose this route typically relapse in short order and either wind up back in drug rehab. If they don�''t make it back to drug rehab the consequences are usually quite severe. To ensure this doesn�''t happen to you or a loved one, it is best to provide the appropriate treatment option from the get go so that the individual has the best chance at not only becoming abstinent but being able to remain that way long term. Unlike an outpatient drug rehab, inpatient and residential drug rehab programs provide an environment which allows the individual to do the program without outside influences, distractions, and most of all they will not have access to drugs in the event they do have the craving to use which is often the case.

The short term 30-day drug rehab programs in Montana get individuals through detox and withdrawal and help them become abstinent and physically stable. While some time is spent in counseling and therapy addressing possible underlying addiction issues which are emotional and psychological in nature, 30 days is an insufficient amount of time for treatment counselors to be 100% sure that the individual will be able to remain abstinent once they leave the programs. The longer the individual is in drug rehab in Montana, the appropriate drug rehab for their circumstances, the more likely it is that they will be able to experience the monumental changes that truly rehabilitate an addict so that they no longer feel the need to use drugs ever again. Therefore, there can be no time frame put on such a process which can be different from person to person and can take a considerable amount of time. Some individuals who are in drug rehab for months even find it necessary to take part in an aftercare plan once treatment is complete. The most successful drug rehab programs in Montana which provide a superior level of service and results are those which require at least a 90 day stay or longer.

Some individuals will simply not get the help they need on their own, and if this is the case it sometimes necessary to intervene and ensure they get to drug rehab before it is too late. Drastic measures must sometimes be taken, even if the individual becomes angry and frustrated at those trying to help. The truth is, the people trying to help may seem like their worst enemy at the time, but that is the drugs talking and they are the addict�''s only salvation when they will not help themselves. One way to help convince someone go to drug rehab when all else has failed is to hold an actual drug intervention. Once a drug rehab has been chosen, treatment counselors can refer intervention participants to a professional interventionist who can help guide everyone through the process and be present as a mediator for the intervention itself to ensure that it is successful. Each intervention participants will be allowed to communicate how the individual�''s addiction has destroyed their life and impacted their relationships with others, but what they can do to change that immediately. The answer is usually yes, when confronted with such truth and a reliable way out of addiction. Once the individual accepts, get them out the door right away to avoid any second guessing and other possible pitfalls.

Once someone has made it to drug rehab, they have a lot of introspection and personal inventory to get started on, but they will first need to get off of drugs and overcome any physical obstacles associated with drug withdrawal. This can seem insurmountable at the time, but with the superior care and support offered at a drug rehab program this can very easily be overcome within a matter of days. Treatment professionals will do everything possible to help curb drug cravings and provide medical assistance as needed to avoid any complications. Once the individual is no longer high and is in a physical state where they can focus on the next steps of becoming rehabilitated, treatment counselors will get them through a tailored treatment curriculum including education, counseling and other forms of therapy depending on the approach offered at the drug rehab of choice. These steps are the most crucial steps in the rehabilitation process, and if done with enough intensity will ensure the individual will no longer be haunted or burdened by addiction ever again in the future.

If you or someone you know in Montana is addicted to drugs and is in need of drug rehab, get them the help they need by contacting a drug rehab program in the state today. Get all of your questions answered and take any needed steps to intervene so that no further time is lost to a life of addiction.

Treatment Listings in Montana:
  • Community Medical Services
    2040 Rosebud Drive Billings MT., 59102
  • New Choices
    1220 Poly Drive Billings Montana, 59102
  • St. Vincent Physician Network
    2900 12th Avenue North Billings Montana, 59101
  • Silver Leaf
    2125 8th Avenue North Billings MT., 59101
  • Acadia Montana
    55 Basin Creek Road Butte MT., 59701
  • 3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions
    715 Kensington Avenue Missoula Montana, 59801
  • Eastern Montana CMHC
    322 Leavitt Avenue Jordan Montana, 59337
  • Western Montana Mental Health Center
    1315 Wyoming Street Missoula MT., 59801
  • Riverfront Mental Health Center
    1404 Westwood Drive Hamilton MT., 59840
  • Center for Mental Health
    312 3rd Street Havre Montana, 59501
  • Western Montana Mental Health Center
    234 East Reeder Street Dillon Montana, 59725


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