The state of Delaware is plagued with many different forms of addiction including alcoholism and illicit and prescription drug addiction. There are many consequences suffered by both substance abusers and abstinent residents alike in the form of traffic related mortalities, abuse, violence, and other social and health consequences as a result of addiction in the state. Addicted individuals in Delaware have a choice, to either remain addicted to drug and alcohol and suffer and cause these consequences, or take part in a drug rehab program to get the help they need to put an end to it.

Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is sometimes not just physically dependent to these substances, but can also develop an emotional and/or psychological dependence to their substance of choice. Many individuals begin abusing drugs to cover over emotional and psychological scarring, and go through life abusing these substances as a crutch. This is why so many addicted individuals have trouble quitting drugs on their own, and why they will ultimately need specialized help if there is any hope for a drug free life. Many have tried to do so and failed, due to the fact that they face many physical challenges and wind up needing drugs or alcohol to even get through the day emotionally or even socially. It may seem hard to comprehend if one hasn�''t abused drugs, but even with the best of intention most addicts will simply not be able to kick the habit on their own.

It can be difficult to get an addicted individual to come to terms with the fact that they need help, and that drug rehab is the only effective solution to resolve their addiction. If not intervened upon, the consequences can be dire. Thousands of people in the nation, many in Delaware in fact, aren�''t able to get control of their addiction and die over drug overdose or poisoning. It is sometimes necessary for individuals who care for and are concerned to intervene and get the addict in treatment by any means possible. The most effective way to do this is to hold a drug intervention, preferably with the assistance of a professional interventionist who has been trained in the process and has had success in getting people into drug rehab.

The intervention can be held within a very short time of the decision to take such important measures, and the interventionist will be the liaison between intervention participants and the drug rehab of choice. Once the individual is confronted by their friends and loved one regarding their addiction and they see what they have to lose, most will choose drug rehab and a new life or drugs and alcohol. Every effort should be made to expedite their arrival to drug rehab with no delay, as any such delay may result in the individual backing out and no leaving at all. Coordinate and pre-arrange their arrival to the drug rehab with professional treatment counselors at the facility so that all logistics are in place.

Once the individual arrives to drug rehab, a team of specialists will get them through a drug detox which will ensure all drugs are out of the person�''s system so they are able to focus on the remainder of the treatment curriculum. This is also a time when the individual will be experiencing intense drug cravings and symptoms of drug withdrawal which can range from mild to severe; some symptoms of withdrawal can even be life threatening. These factors make it crucial for the individual to be in a professional treatment setting such as a drug rehab or drug detox facility with no access to drugs, to prevent any unwanted relapse. Treatment staff and medical professionals will also be able to ensure that any health complications are handled as they arise, as is sometimes the case with alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Detoxing from drugs and remaining abstinent is by no means the end of the road in terms of treatment. This in no way rehabilitates someone who is dependent and addicted to substances of abuse, it just means these substances are out of their system and they are for the most part no longer physically affected by them. The true work begins after detox, when professional treatment counselors in drug rehab can work with the addicted individual through a myriad of treatment techniques to uncover and address the real causes of addiction, most of which are emotional and psychological.

These issues can be very deep rooted, and it can take a significant amount of time to bring them to the surface for resolution. Because of this, individuals in treatment should feel secure in knowing they can address these issues in a distraction free environment and one which is conducive to complete rehabilitation. Residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Delaware which offer a significant length of stay, preferably 90 days of longer, have proven to be the most successful drug rehab programs in the state and ones which will offer the best results. This allows for an environment where the individuals can feel safe divulging and resolving important addiction issues, and have the time to reflect and resolve such issues at their own pace. This will greatly reduce the chance of future relapse, and enhance the chance of them returning home with the peace of mind that they can make a fresh start.

If you or someone you know in Delaware is struggling with addiction, there is no need to go another single day caught up in the sordid life of substance abuse when effective solutions are within arm�''s reach. Don�''t hesitate another moment to contact a residential or inpatient drug rehab program in Delaware today and speak with a professional treatment counselor who can help organize an intervention, answer any questions, and help get individuals started in treatment today. In the end, it is worth giving all of one�''s effort for a short while to put the pieces of one�''s life back together and to give oneself the chance to once again lead a happy life.

Treatment Listings in Delaware:
  • Theo Jones LPCMH LCDP CADC
    3521 Silverside Road Wilmington DE., 19810
  • Limen House for Women
    1909 Baynard Boulevard Wilmington Delaware, 19802
  • Delaware Guidance Services
    900 Health Services Drive Seaford Delaware, 19973
  • Thresholds Inc
    20505 DuPont Boulevard Georgetown DE., 19947
  • Christiana Care Health System
    501 West 14th Street Wilmington DE., 19801
  • Wilmington Veterans Affairs Med Ctr
    1601 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington Delaware, 19805
  • Dover Behavioral Health
    725 Horsepond Road Dover Delaware, 19901


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