Hawaii Drug Rehab

Drug abuse and addiction are a significant problem in Hawaii. While just about every illicit drug of abuse is readily available and abused in the state, crystal meth use and addiction are at the forefront of the problem with thousands of individuals using the powerful stimulant drug on a daily basis. As a result, the use of crystal meth has had a devastating impact on the Hawaiian economy and family structure, and has also contributed to increased street violence and property crimes. Marijuana and cocaine are also popular drugs of abuse in the state, as are prescription drugs such as opioids which mimic the effects of heroin. The solution to the widespread and destructive drug problem facing Hawaiian residents is drug rehab.

Drug rehab is a process whereby addicted individuals can become abstinent and be in a supportive environment to quit, but also one in which they can figure out why and how they became involved with drug use in the first place. For example, some individuals begin taking drugs because of situations in their life which they find undesirable such as physical or emotional abuse. Drugs may be used in an attempt to numb these circumstances and forget about them. There are many different circumstances which could cause someone to turn to drugs, all of which can be brought to the surface and resolved in drug rehab.

Often, the first barrier to overcome is getting someone to admit that they need help and should go to drug rehab. Because individuals develop such dependence to their drug of choice, it can be hard to consider attempting to quit even though it is causing destruction in one�''s life. It can sometimes take a considerable amount of convincing to get someone to go to drug rehab, but there are things which friends, family members and even co workers can do to get individuals to go and get the help they need. One of the most effective is a drug intervention. A drug intervention can be held in liaison with the drug rehab of choice, and these facilities can hook intervention participants up with expert drug interventionists who can assist in the process and make it a success. More often than not, addicted individuals will accept help once they see the level of concern and love and what they stand to lose if they don�''t get help.

Once in drug rehab, individuals will first need to get through the physical obstacles which are imminent once someone stops using drugs after being dependent to them for any length of time. As the drugs leave the body, the individual begins experiencing withdrawal symptoms which are the body�''s and mind�''s mechanism of letting the individual know that they need to take more of the drug or else. Withdrawal symptoms can range from sleeplessness, to extreme nausea, chills, sweating etc. and can worsen in the case of certain drugs some of which can cause very dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Whatever the case may be, complication may and sometimes do arise; a very important reason to be in a drug rehab setting when detoxing and going through withdrawal, instead of attempting to do so on one�''s own. This way, medical professionals and treatment staff can ensure that detox is a smooth process and the individual is safely through it with little to no complications.

Once detoxed, the individual is ready to tackle the real reasons they chose drugs as a solution in their lives. Treatment counselors will help bring to the surface, using counseling and other treatment tools, situations and influences in the person�''s life which may have triggered drug use. Once these are revealed and dealt with, treatment counselors will often work with individuals to develop new and more effective coping mechanism so that these situations can be handled with resolve and reason in the future, without the use of drugs. Drugs don�''t have to be a crutch if an individual is confident that they can confront and handle situations, people and problems that present themselves in the course of one�''s life. Life can be dealt with in a healthy and reasonable manner without the use of abusive substances.

Tackling all of the issues which cause and prolong addiction can take a considerable amount of time, as long as a year in some cases. Treatment in drug rehab should never be expedited or rushed, and individuals should remain in treatment for as long as it takes to feel confident that they can not only remain abstinent but can lead a productive and healthy life. Everyone on this planet deserves that chance. This is why individuals who are in need of drug rehab should be in the most effective treatment environment for as long as it takes.

Statistically, residential and inpatient drugs rehab programs in Hawaii which require at least a 90 day stay are among the best programs available. These types of programs offer a therapeutic, safe and drug free treatment environment which allows treatment clients to completely immerse themselves in their drug rehab process so that they can take full advantage of all of the tools at their fingertips. There are no drug triggers or negative influences distracting them from the task at hand, and they will have 24/7 access to the appropriate level of care and support that seriously addicted individuals need to make the serious turnaround that they want and is expected of them.

It is important that individuals who go to drug rehab in Hawaii are given the best opportunity possible to make a change for the better in their lives and to get off of drugs for good. There are so many things to consider when taking into account the people affected by addiction, which goes far beyond the addict themselves. If not given the best opportunity, there are many consequences to be suffered by all because anything but one�''s best effort and anything less than the best treatment environment will ultimately end in relapse. Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Hawaii to find the most effective treatment option today.

Treatment Listings in Hawaii:
  • CARE Hawaii Inc
    875 Waimanu Street Honolulu Hawaii, 96813
  • Big Island Substance Abuse Council
    27-330 Old Mamalahoa Highway Papaikou Hawaii, 96781
  • YMCA Outreach Services
    91-980 North Road Ewa Beach HI., 96706
  • West Hawaii Community MH Ctr
    219-B Kaalaiki Road Naalehu HI., 96772
  • Access Capabilities Inc
    15-2874 Pahoa Road Pahoa Hawaii, 96778
  • Hina Mauka Teen Care
    46-155 Kamehameha Highway Kaneohe Hawaii, 96744
  • Department of Health CMHC
    84-1150 Farrington Highway Waianae HI., 96792
  • Big Island Substance Abuse Council
    81-1041 Konawaena School Road Kealakekua HI., 96750
  • YMCA Outreach Services
    1335 Kalihi Street Honolulu Hawaii, 96819
  • Hale Hookupaa
    450 Ala Malama Street Kaunakakai Hawaii, 96748
  • North Shore Mental Health
    99-128 Aiea Heights Drive Aiea HI., 96701
  • Bridge House
    81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway Kealakekua HI., 96750
  • Poailani Inc
    45-567 Pahia Road Kaneohe Hawaii, 96744
  • Alcoholic Rehab Services of Hawaii Inc
    94-216 Farrington Highway Waipahu Hawaii, 96797
  • Big Island Substance Abuse Council
    99-128 Old Volcano Road Volcano HI., 96785


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