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Louisiana is consistently one of the top ten states for rates in several categories of drug use. Along with these high rates of drug use come the consequences of addiction and abuse, such as drug-related deaths in the state which are also consistently higher than the national average. There are also many other serious problems which result from drug use in the state, such as social, economic and health consequences. In the end of course, such consequences don't just affect addicts in Louisiana but many others. To help individuals recover from addiction and avoid such consequences, it is important that addicted individuals get the help they need in an effective drug rehab before drug addiction consequences affect them for the rest of their lives.

Individuals who try and overcome addiction on their own will often not be able to do so because of the hold that drugs can take physically and psychologically on a person once they become addicted and dependent to them. Drug rehab is necessary because of the mechanics of addiction, which is becomes a daily internal battle which is caused by the way drugs affect the areas of the brain which signal the body's natural reward system. When an individual takes drugs to get high, these substances cause feelings of pleasure and reward. These feelings are caused by the way drugs react in certain areas of the body, which elevate levels of certain chemicals which are naturally produced in the body. Once someone gets used to these high levels of feel good chemicals, they become unaccustomed to the normal level and need drugs on a daily basis just to feel normal. If the individual doesn't take more drugs, they will often experience undesirable and unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms until they take more drugs. This is the viscous cycle of addiction, and the reason why they will ultimately need help in a drug rehab setting to be able to overcome addiction efficiently and effectively.

In a drug rehab in Louisiana, professional treatment counselors understand the challenges associated with overcoming addiction. The first hurdle to overcome in drug rehab will be a drug detox which is a process that the individual will undergo to eliminate the drugs from their system and re-adjust to normal function without drugs. Detox can cause both physical and psychological symptoms which can be difficult to endure, which is why a drug rehab detox is a better option than trying to go through this process on one's own. The individual who is detoxing will also feel the overwhelming desire to use their drug of choice during this time, a symptom which accompanies the other sometimes harsh and painful physical symptoms that individuals will experience when detoxing from drugs. All of these symptoms can be easily overcome while in a drug rehab setting with around the clock care and support.

Professional treatment counselors in drug rehab programs know that there are underlying reasons that the individual started using drugs in the first place. Following detox, a great deal of time must be spent addressing all of these types of issues which could be inhibiting complete rehabilitation. Treatment in drug rehab therefore involves many layers of treatment which can be utilized to address issues spanning all areas of the one's life. This should be done without any outside distractions from things which could trigger drug use which is best accomplished in an environment which allows for complete focus on recovery, such as an in-patient or residential drug rehab. In an in-patient or residential drug rehab, an individual can receive treatment in a setting which is not only supportive but also one in which drugs will be inaccessible and where there are no outside distractions. Drug rehabs such as this in Louisiana offer the appropriate levels of care and will ensure that negative situations and influences are out of the picture so the individual can focus fully on their treatment curriculum.

In drug rehab, professional treatment counselors have the tools and resources to help addicted individuals through the recovery process. Counselors will use therapeutic techniques and tools to help addicted individuals develop coping skills and counsel them through any and all issues which may be weighing them down and causing their addiction issues. Drug rehab is a time for individuals to be introspective about what causes their addictive behavior and adapt new ways of dealing with situations and relationships in their lives so that they can be more in control without the use of abusive substances.

Because addressing all of the different layers of addiction can take a considerable amount of time, a drug rehab program which allows the individual to remain in treatment until all of their issues are resolved in going to offer the best results. For example 30-day drug rehab programs have the lowest success rates, because this is typically not enough time to even overcome all physical challenges much less the important psychological and emotional issues involved. It can take anywhere from a few months to a year to be counseled through all addiction issues, and this can be a very personal process and one which should never be rushed. Individuals who want to experience a full recovery shouldn't focus on the time spent in treatment, but put all of one's focus on fully dedicating oneself to each step of the process.

If a friend or loved one won't get help on their own, it can sometimes take a bit of persuading to get them into drug rehab in Louisiana. There are answers for this as well, such as a drug intervention which can be orchestrated with the help of a drug rehab in your area. Drug rehab is a very complex but rewarding process which takes time and commitment on the part of the addicted individual and everyone else involved including friends, family and treatment staff. If you or someone you know needs drug rehab for addiction, a drug rehab counselor in Louisiana can help answer any questions and help you get started today.

Treatment Listings in Louisiana:
  • Kingsley House
    5646 Read Boulevard New Orleans LA., 70127
  • Southeast Louisiana VA HCS
    3500 Canal Street New Orleans Louisiana, 70118
  • Narconon Louisiana
    35059 Bend Road Denham Springs LA., 70706
  • Louisiana Methodist Childrens Home
    3501 Patrick Street Lake Charles Louisiana, 70605
  • Teche Regional Medical Center
    1125 Marguerite Street Morgan City LA., 70380
  • DuraCARE Counseling and
    4323 Division Street Metairie Louisiana, 70002
  • Greenbrier Hospital
    201 Greenbriar Boulevard Covington LA., 70433
  • Franklin Medical Center
    2106 Loop Road Winnsboro Louisiana, 71295
  • Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
    3231 Chitimacha Trail Charenton LA., 70523
  • Northeast LA Substance Abuse Inc
    112 Morgan Street Rayville Louisiana, 71269
  • Delta Community Action Association
    404 East Craig Street Tallulah LA., 71282
  • New Orleans Charter
    5625 Loyola Avenue New Orleans Louisiana, 70115
  • Family and Youth Counseling Agency
    220 Louie Street Lake Charles LA., 70601
  • Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center
    86 Palmetto Road Rayville Louisiana, 71269
  • Power House Services Inc
    715 West Worthey Road Gonzales LA., 70737
  • Seaside Outpatient Services
    8060 Crowder Boulevard New Orleans Louisiana, 70127
  • Family Service of Greater New Orleans
    2515 Canal Street New Orleans LA., 70119
  • Monroe Behavioral Health Center
    4800 South Grand Street Monroe Louisiana, 71202
  • Townsend
    19411 Helenberg Road Covington LA., 70433
  • VCPHCS V LLC BHG New Orleans
    1141 Whitney Avenue Gretna Louisiana, 70056
  • Physicians Behavioral Hospital
    2025 Desoto Street Shreveport LA., 71103
  • Brentwood Hospital
    1006 Highland Avenue Shreveport Louisiana, 71101
  • LHRC
    2056 North Boulevard Baton Rouge LA., 70806
  • Responsibility House
    1799 Stumpf Boulevard Gretna Louisiana, 70056
  • CHRISTUS Coushatta Healthcare Center
    1635 Marvel Street Coushatta LA., 71019
  • Rehab of SW LA LLC
    751 Bayou Pines East Lake Charles Louisiana, 70601
  • STC Addiction Wellness Center
    235 Cora Drive Baton Rouge LA., 70815
  • Lake Charles Behavioral Health Clinic
    4105 Kirkman Street Lake Charles Louisiana, 70607
  • Springhill Medical Center
    2001 Doctors Drive Springhill LA., 71075


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