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The state of Maryland is faced with a very significant drug problem, with many consequences affecting the state and its residents as a result. For example, the rate of drug induced deaths in Maryland is significantly higher than the national average, and over ' of property crimes in the state are drug related. Addiction to drugs can be one of the toughest things to overcome, and it can seem almost impossible to ever put an end to what becomes a daily struggle. Maryland residents who are caught up in a life of addiction tend to lose hope of ever being able to live a drug free life after many attempts to quit on their own. Many drug individuals assume that if they can only get through the drug detox and withdrawal phase on their own which occurs when someone abruptly quits using drugs, they can somehow kick their habit for good. But this is most often not the case and individuals who try to beat drug addiction on their own soon relapse and the problem often becomes much worse.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a complex issue which involves physical, emotional and psychological factors. Therefore it isn't as easy as just getting through detox and withdrawal. Yes, this physical aspect must be overcome but it is only the first of many steps on the road to true rehabilitation. So addicted individuals with the best of intentions who want to quit on their own will try and stop using drugs only to find themselves craving, seeking out and using more. There is no support system there, no voice of reason, and they have access to drugs, not to mention constant drug triggers in their current environment. Someone who is addicted to drugs isn't necessarily a bad person, they just don't have the tools which make it possible to help themselves quit. There is also psychological addiction that comes along with this problem, and without addressing both sides of addiction the problem will very likely go unresolved. The reasons the individual began using drugs in the first place must be addressed, which are usually not physical in nature at all. The individuals may have tried to use drugs to cover up an emotional or psychological issue or some other unresolved problem in their life for example. Using drugs in this manner obviously winds up doing This more harm than good, because an individual very quickly becomes addicted and dependent to their substance of choice and this just becomes another problem which can spin violently out of control.

To get them help, if they won't get help on their own which is often the case, it is sometimes necessary for family and friends to hold a drug intervention to persuade them to get the help they need. A drug intervention can be held right away, and is basically a gathering or loved ones and friends who can confront the individual to tell them the destruction their addiction has caused, what they stand to lose if they continue down this path, and what they can do to fix things immediately. It is highly recommended that intervention participants work in coordination with a professional interventionist who can help educate intervention participants and guide everyone through the process. Choose an effective drug rehab program in Maryland well ahead of time and make all preparations in advance so that the individual can leave immediately once they accept help.

There are a variety of drug rehab programs in Maryland, some which have been very effective in helping individuals beat drug addiction in the state. Long-term residential and in-patient drug rehab programs are a prime example of this, and are drug rehab programs which provide a safe and therapeutic environment where individuals can be surrounded by positive influences and receive the treatment and support they require. The individual remains at the drug rehab facility in this case, so there is no chance of anything interrupting them or distracting them from their treatment curriculum and no access to drugs which lessens the chances of relapse. Long-term residential and in-patient drug rehab programs often require at least a 90 day stay, which has been proven to be the length of time needed to provide the best results and highest success rates.

Once in drug rehab in Maryland, professional treatment counselors will see individuals through the sometimes trying detox and drug withdrawal process. While most detox within a matter of days, it can sometimes take a bit longer depending on the individual's drug of choice and if any complications arise. Being in a drug rehab during detox is crucial, so that the individual doesn't relapse while having intense drug cravings during this time which is often the case. The whole objective during detox is to get ensure the individual is no longer high on drugs and is through withdrawal symptoms to the point where they are physically well. At this point, professional treatment counselors will work for them intensively to address the underlying psychological and emotional issues that need to be addressed. Through intensive treatment including counseling, education, and the use of a broad range of therapeutic tools, counselors will ensure every issue which is weighing the individual down is resolved. By doing so, the individual is not just becoming abstinent but is becoming truly rehabilitated. They will then be able to return home and lead productive and drug free lives.

If you or someone you know wants or needs to beat drug addiction, know that there are effective solutions in Maryland to accomplish just this. Pick up the phone and speak with a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab who can answer any questions and help get you or someone you know on the road to recovery. Beating drug addiction is a journey which may take a considerable amount of time and effort on the part of the drug addicted individual and drug rehab staff, but it will be worth it in the end when that individual can make a fresh start.

Treatment Listings in Maryland:
  • Pine Heights Comp Treatment Center
    3455 Wilkens Avenue Baltimore Maryland, 21229
  • Bergand Group
    1300 York Road Lutherville Timonium Maryland, 21093
  • Haven House Inc
    1195 Augustine Herman Highway Elkton Maryland, 21922
  • Mosaic Community Services
    2225 North Charles Street Baltimore Maryland, 21218
  • Total Health Resources Inc
    1717 Elton Road Silver Spring Maryland, 20903
  • TRW Associates
    210 North Tollgate Road Bel Air Maryland, 21014
  • EPOCH Counseling Center
    800 Ingleside Avenue Catonsville Maryland, 21228
  • South County Addiction Services
    Town Hall Federalsburg Maryland, 21632
  • Family Services Inc
    610 East Diamond Street Gaithersburg Maryland, 20877
  • Prince Georges County Health Dept
    3003 Hospital Drive Hyattsville Maryland, 20785
  • Worcester County Health Department
    6040 Public Landing Road Snow Hill Maryland, 21863
  • Port Recovery IOP Inc
    7000 Harford Road Parkville Maryland, 21234
  • Assisted Recovery Centers of
    2021 Emmorton Road Bel Air Maryland, 21015
  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center
    Carroll Plaza Shopping Center Westminster Maryland, 21157
  • Regenerations Counseling Services Inc
    1421 South Caton Avenue Halethorpe Maryland, 21227
  • Garrett County Health Department
    1025 Memorial Drive Oakland Maryland, 21550
  • Maple Shade Mental Health Clinic
    23704 Ocean Gateway Mardela Springs Maryland, 21837
  • Westminster Rescue Mission
    658 Lucabaugh Mill Road Westminster Maryland, 21157
  • Family Services Inc
    19530 Doctors Drive Germantown Maryland, 20874
  • Mosaic Community Services
    288 East Greene Street Westminster Maryland, 21157
  • I Cant We Can
    4432 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore Maryland, 21215
  • Dayspring Village
    1125 North Patterson Park Avenue Baltimore Maryland, 21213
  • Dynamic Healthcare
    516 South Conkling Street Baltimore Maryland, 21224
  • Wicomico Behavioral Health
    108 East Main Street Salisbury Maryland, 21801


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