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Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are problems which plague many residents in the state of Nebraska. Alcohol is the most cited substance of abuse among treatment admission in Nebraska, and this problem spans all age groups in the state. It also causes many consequences, with many hundreds of alcohol related deaths and thousands of hospitalizations due to alcohol related causes each year. DUI�''s are also a serious problem in Nebraska as a result of the rampant alcohol abuse, and about 34% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes in the state are alcohol related. In recent years, methamphetamine has been highlighted as a primary drug of abuse in the state and is the most cited illicit street drug among treatment admission in Nebraska. No matter which substance an individual is addicted to, everyone deserved a honest chance to get sober and receive effective treatment. Drug rehab programs in Nebraska have helped many residents beat the odds and overcome addiction.

Anyone who uses drugs can become addicted to them, and it doesn�''t make them a bad person. While they may be doing things which are self destructive and which negatively impacts others in their environment, they do so because of a physical and psychological dependence that drives them to use drugs at all costs. Most actually begin using drugs because of something that they are having difficulty dealing with in their lives, and drugs are an easy way to mask such problems and difficulties. But once someone is hooked, the problems in their lives only become more prominent as they begin to deteriorate physically, mentally and socially. And because of the dependence to the individual�''s substance of choice when can occur even after just one use, most will find it difficult to quit on their own. This can cause one to think that they will forever be addicted, but this is not the case if they receive effective treatment in a drug rehab in Nebraska.

Once someone does become addicted to drugs, they can get caught up in their own sordid world which isn�''t real, but one in which they often have to remain in denial to make what they are doing okay. So even though deep down they know they need help, they often won�''t reach out for it and may need to be persuaded to do so. It can be difficult to do this of course, but there are solutions for this which loved ones and friends can use to help convince them to get help. A drug intervention is a very effective method of persuasion which has proven time and time again to help get individuals in treatment in Nebraska. This can be done with the help of a professional interventionist who understands and is trained in the process, and can help the intervention be a success by guiding intervention participants through each step. At the intervention, the addicted individual will be surrounded by those that love them and are concerned about that, so they can see what they will lose if they let their addiction continue. Most will accept this help and go to drug rehab in Nebraska, and once they do every effort should be made to get them out the door immediately.

Once in drug rehab in Nebraska they will have to go through a drug detox, which is the process that occurs when someone stops drug use either abruptly or gradually. As drugs are eliminated from their body, individuals will typically experience symptoms of withdrawal that they will need to endure, some of which can cause much discomfort and even pain in some cases. It really all depends on their drug of choice. While most drugs cause symptoms of withdrawal which can be easily overcome during detox, the drug rehab setting will make it possible for counselors and medical professionals to ensure it is as comfortable and as safe as possible. More importantly, they will have no access to drugs in the case that they have intense drugs cravings during this time which is often the case. Some symptoms of withdrawal which are experienced during drug detox can be life threatening, which is why it is important that individuals receive expert care and support during this time.

Despite the common misconception that drug detox is the only step that one will need to overcome to become abstinent; it is not drug rehab in itself. Individuals have to address much deeper issues to become truly rehabilitated, which are primarily emotional and psychological in nature. Programs which call themselves drug rehab but only require a short stint in treatment don�''t provide a sufficient amount of treatment that will ensure the individual will remain abstinent. Short term and outpatient programs for example are common choices for individuals who want a quick fix or convenience, but these types of programs have some of the lowest success rates. It can take months of counseling and therapy, preferably in an inpatient or residential drug rehab to really take the time to address the underlying causes of addiction so that the individual can leave treatment confident that they will never use drugs again. Residential or inpatient drug rehab programs in Nebraska provide an environment that is free from distraction and allows the individual to remain in treatment as long as necessary to become truly rehabilitated.

If you or someone you know in Nebraska is struggling with addiction and either wants help or needs an intervention, professional drug treatment counselors are standing by to help get that person on the road to rehabilitation. Counselors can help handle any concerns, answer any questions, and even help family and loved ones liaise with an interventionist if needed. Nebraska residents have very effective treatment solutions that they can avail themselves of, and a better life is possible for anyone who wants to make a dedicated effort in drug rehab. Treatment counselors at drug rehabs in Nebraska dedicate their lives to ensure individuals are salvaged from a life of addiction and once again have hope to be able to make a fresh start.

Treatment Listings in Nebraska:
  • Riggins and Assoc Counseling Servs
    230 East 22nd Street Fremont Nebraska, 68025
  • Choices Treatment Center
    127 South 37th Street Lincoln NE., 68510
  • Lutheran Family Services
    2301 O Street Lincoln NE., 68510
  • Regional West Medical Center
    4021 Avenue B Scottsbluff Nebraska, 69361
  • Community Alliance Jones Center
    7117 Jones Circle Omaha Nebraska, 68106
  • Family Service
    501 South 7th Street Lincoln NE., 68508
  • CHI Health Psych Assoc Bellevue
    3308 Samson Way Bellevue NE., 68123
  • Psychological Consultation Center
    325 Burnett Hall Lincoln Nebraska, 68588
  • Human Services Inc
    419 West 25th Street Alliance Nebraska, 69301
  • South Central Behavioral Services Inc
    3810 Central Avenue Kearney NE., 68847
  • CHI Health Immanuel
    6901 North 72nd Street Omaha NE., 68122
  • Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
    108 Maple Street Winnebago Nebraska, 68071
  • Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition
    2240 Landon Court Omaha Nebraska, 68102
  • CHI Health Psych Assoc Lakeside
    16909 Lakeside Hills Court Omaha NE., 68130
  • Lasting Hope Recovery Center
    415 South 25 Avenue Omaha NE., 68131
  • St. Francis
    1755 Prairie View Place Kearney Nebraska, 68845
  • Blue Valley Behavioral Health
    722 South Lincoln Avenue York Nebraska, 68467
  • Behavioral Health Specialists Inc
    4432 Sunrise Place Columbus NE., 68601
  • Blue Valley Behavioral Health
    600 I Street Pawnee City NE., 68420


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