Alcoholism, illicit and prescription drug abuse are all very prevalent problems in the state of Connecticut affecting all age groups, ethnicities and strata of society there. This is not just a problem in Connecticut of course, but one which permeates throughout the entire nation leaving many lost souls and broken dreams in its wake. Substance abuse in Connecticut not only destroys the life of the abuser, but leads to broken homes, abuse, negligence, severe health consequences, and death in the end for many. Individuals in Connecticut who are addicted to drugs or alcohol do have a choice however, and there are effective solutions which can be put into action on an immediate basis to put an end to the cycle of addiction once and for all. Drug rehab in Connecticut is the most effective solution for addiction, and one which will get addicted individuals rehabilitated to the point where they can make a fresh start, begin repairing their relationships and become productive in life.

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, these substances literally take over one�''s thinking, actions and choices to the point where the addicted individuals becomes someone they are not. So family and loved ones who try and help are not dealing with the person they knew before drugs or alcohol took over, and it can seem difficult if not impossible to get through to them. Family members and friends should never lose hope however, because their loved one is still there and despite their actions wants and needs help before it is too late. The addict may even try and convince family members and loved ones that there isn�''t a problem, and it can be easy for everyone involved to be in complete denial and even begin enabling the addict in one way or another. This is the worst thing to do, and anyone who falls for this is pinning the nails in their loved one�''s coffin.

Be vigilant in recognizing and dealing with the warning signs of addiction, and begin taking action to get the individual help immediately. If they refuse, one tool which has been proven to be effective is a drug intervention. Drug rehab programs in Connecticut work with professional interventionists who help family members and friends of addicts intervene to get the individual help. This is done through a very structured and organized process, where everyone gathers to let the addict know how addiction is destroying their life and the lives of others and what must be done to put an end to it. The drug rehab of choice is chosen and all arrangements are made well ahead of time for the addicted individual�''s imminent arrival if they do choose to go, and most will.

Once an individual arrives in drug rehab in Connecticut they will first have to overcome the physical challenges of drug detox and the inevitable withdrawal process which occurs upon sudden cessation of drug or alcohol use. One of the most important reasons someone should be in a professional treatment setting such as a drug rehab or drug detox facility when going through this process is because some withdrawal symptoms can result in complications such as seizures. This is especially true with alcohol and certain prescription medications. While not all drugs cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms, some do and it�''s not worth the risk to try and go through this on one�''s own. Medical professionals are always on hand during detox and withdrawal to ensure this process is as smooth and safe as possible, and are prepared to handle any complications as they arise.

After the individual completes drug or alcohol detox, they are ready to begin the steps which will actually rehabilitate them. Detoxing and remaining abstinent for a few weeks does not constitute rehabilitation. It takes much more to ensure the individual will confidently be able to remain that way for the durations of their lives. This is because true rehabilitation is centered on bringing the real reasons the individual began abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place to the surface, which are most often not physical in nature but mental and emotional. Once revealed these issues are then resolved through intensive counseling, education, behavioral therapy and other treatment techniques in treatment in drug rehab.

Because effectively treatment addiction is a multi-faceted approach which can take quite some time to complete, treatment clients in drug rehab programs in Connecticut do best in distraction free inpatient and residential drug rehab facilities. Furthermore, it is best that the individual remain in treatment as long as it takes to address all issues which need to be addressed so that the chances of relapse once treatment is complete are substantially lowered. A drug rehab program which requires a stay of at least 90 days, or preferably longer, is going to offer the best results and ensure the individual has covered all bases and will be able to remain abstinent when they return home.

There can be many challenges not only in getting someone to go to drug rehab, but many more once they get there. The good thing is that they won�''t have to face these challenges alone, and they will no longer have to turn to drugs or alcohol to resolve their problems in life. In drug rehab, treatment professionals will have all of the tools and wherewithal to address an issue or problems as they arise, and be able to work through these hand in hand with the individual so that they make it through them with confidence.

The alternatives to drug rehab are despair, self destruction and many lose their lives to addiction. This doesn�''t have to be the case for you or a loved one or friend who may be struggling with addiction. Getting someone help or getting help for yourself is as simple as contacting a professional treatment counselor today, getting your questions answered, and being pointed on the right path towards the appropriate drug rehab program which will put an end to the cycle of addiction once and for all.

Treatment Listings in Connecticut:
  • MCCA
    228 Meadow Street Waterbury CT., 6702
  • Hartford Dispensary
    12-14 and 16-18 Weston Street Hartford CT., 6120
  • Sharon Hospital
    50 Hospital Hill Road Sharon Connecticut, 6069
  • McCall Foundation
    231 North Main Street Winsted Connecticut, 6098
  • Catholic Charities
    331 Main Street Norwich CT., 6360
  • SE Council on Alc and Drug Dep Inc
    321 Main Street Norwich CT., 6360
  • Capitol Region Mental Health Center
    500 Vine Street Hartford Connecticut, 6112
  • United Community and Family Servs Inc
    120-122 Plainfield Road Moosup Connecticut, 6354
  • West Haven Mental Health Clinic
    270 Center Street West Haven CT., 6516
  • Day Kimball Healthcare
    320 Pomfret Street Putnam CT., 6260
  • CASA Project Courage
    592 Kossuth Street Bridgeport Connecticut, 6608
  • Community Mental Health Affiliates Inc
    111 Clinic Drive New Britain Connecticut, 6051
  • Connecticut Counseling Center Inc
    20 North Main Street Norwalk CT., 6854
  • Catholic Charities
    132 Grove Street Torrington CT., 6790
  • MCCA
    30 Peck Road Torrington Connecticut, 6790
  • Stamford Hospital
    1 Hospital Plaza Stamford Connecticut, 6904
  • Southwest Connecticut MH System
    97 Middle Street Bridgeport CT., 6604
  • South Central Rehabilitation Center
    232 Cedar Street New Haven CT., 6519
  • APT Foundation Inc
    425 Grant Street Bridgeport Connecticut, 6610
  • Wheeler Clinic Inc
    91 Northwest Drive Plainville Connecticut, 6062
  • Grant Street Partnership
    60-62 Grant Street New Haven CT., 6519
  • Newtown Youth and Family Services Inc
    15 Berkshire Road Sandy Hook CT., 6482
  • Adelbrook
    58 Hicksville Road Cromwell Connecticut, 6416
  • Affiliates for
    389 Orange Street New Haven Connecticut, 6511
  • Hockanum Valley Community Council Inc
    27 Naek Road Vernon Rockville CT., 6066
  • Cornell Scott Hill Health Center
    226 Dixwell Avenue New Haven CT., 6511
  • Addiction Recovery Center
    5 Perryridge Road Greenwich Connecticut, 6830
  • Wellmore Behavioral Health Inc
    30 Controls Drive Shelton Connecticut, 6484
  • American School for the Deaf
    139 North Main Street West Hartford CT., 6107
  • Catholic Charities
    13 Wolcott Street Waterbury CT., 6702
  • Harbor House
    79 Cedar Street Branford Connecticut, 6405
  • Hartford Dispensary
    335 Broad Street Manchester Connecticut, 6040


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