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Massachusetts has a significant problem with drugs and is in fact ranked among the top ten states for illicit drug use in several categories. As a result, Massachusetts residents suffer many consequences of drug abuse and addiction, including a higher than average rate of drug-induced deaths in the state. All illicit drugs of abuse including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana are problems in Massachusetts, although a very prevalent problem with the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs has also come to light in recent years. And drug abuse isn't just a problem among adults in Massachusetts, with nearly a quarter of high school students in the state reporting past month use of marijuana. Because of such a severe and prevalent problem with drug abuse and addiction, Massachusetts residents must be made aware of solution which are available in the state; primarily effective drug rehab programs.

Individuals begin using drugs for a variety of reasons, all of which can be very personal and particular to that individual. Some individuals who become addicted to drugs become this way through no fault of their own, such as with prescription drug addiction and dependence through the legitimate use of these drugs. Even if this is the case however, it is still possible to help an addict and no one should ever give up or lose hope because there is effective help available. If you know someone who is addicted to drugs, it can be a challenge to get through to them and stop them from totally destroying their lives. Helping an addicted individual when they are in the midst of a life of addiction can be one of the most difficult things to do, primarily due to the hold that these substances can take on an individual.

One way to help someone you know get into drug rehab that really needs it is by having a drug intervention. A drug intervention is a very effective tool that family members and loved ones can use to finally get them the help they need, even if prior attempts have failed. A drug intervention is a very simple and clear cut process, although it is high recommended that participants get a professional interventionist involved in the process to some extent or ideally to run the process to ensure it is a success. An interventionist is highly experienced in the process and can orchestrate the intervention and help provide any kind of support that participants need. An intervention can be an emotionally charged meeting, so it is helpful to have an interventionist there to mediate and keep the drug rehab intervention on track. The intervention will basically be a meeting where the addict will hear from all directions how much everyone is concerned and what help is being offered, and what they stand to lose if they don't accept this help. Most will in fact go to drug rehab as a result of an intervention, and all preparations will be made in advance so that they can leave immediately.

Once an individual arrives to drug rehab in Massachusetts, drug detox is the first step of their treatment plan. Detox is a process that the individual will undergo whether they are in a drug rehab setting or not, although a drug rehab is a much safer and smooth process than trying to detox on one's own. When an individual decides to stop taking drugs, their body begins to eliminate the drugs from their system and re-adjust to normal function without them. This can cause both physical and psychological symptoms which can be difficult to endure on one's own, and the individual will typically experience intense cravings to use their drug of choice during this time. If detoxing on one's own, many will just relapse and begin using drugs again with no support and structure, such as in a drug rehab setting. This is why a drug rehab detox is a better option than trying to go through this process on one's own.

While detoxing is a big step to overcome, it is just a stepping stone to the real work that must be done to fully rehabilitate someone who is trying to fully recover from a life of addiction. Because this can take a considerable amount of time to accomplish, and should be done in a distraction free therapeutic setting, individuals in Massachusetts who wish to experience the most success in drug rehab should seek treatment in a residential or inpatient drug rehab program in the state. In a drug rehab such as this, professional treatment counselors will devise a tailored treatment plan for each individual in treatment. While this can vary from individual to individual, most drug rehab programs will employ individual and group counseling, as well as behavioral therapy to help individuals be able to better cope with environmental triggers and other things which could compromise their sobriety such as drug cravings. Becoming educated about one's addiction, one's environment, others and how this all impacts one's own life is also a key part of recovery. Professional treatment counselors will do everything possible during the course of drug rehab to lessen the chances of the individual falling back into the trap of drug addiction once treatment is complete, which can include lifestyle and relationship changes as well as goal orientation.

The most successful drug rehab programs in Massachusetts put the power back in the hands of the individual, so that drugs can no longer be an issue or a handicap that they have to worry about in the future. Through this process, individuals will gain a better understanding of oneself, their environment, how their actions and decisions affect the future and others and how to create a positive impact instead of a negative one. If you or someone you know if caught up in drug addiction and wants this fresh start and a healthier lifestyle, both mind and body, drug rehab programs in Massachusetts can help accomplish this. Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab today to find out more.

Treatment Listings in Massachusetts:
  • South Shore Recovery Home
    10 Dysart Street Quincy MA., 2169
  • Carson Center for Human Services
    96 South Street Ware MA., 1082
  • Webster LUK Site
    251 Main Street Webster Massachusetts, 1570
  • EMH Recovery Inc
    678 North Main Street Brockton Massachusetts, 2301
  • Hillcrest Educational Centers
    242 West Mountain Road Lenox MA., 1240
  • Lynn Community Health Center Inc
    20 Central Avenue Lynn MA., 1901
  • Cape Cod Human Services
    460 West Main Street Hyannis Massachusetts, 2601
  • Square Medical Group
    124 Watertown Street Watertown Massachusetts, 2472
  • South Boston Behavioral Health Program
    58 Old Colony Avenue Boston MA., 2127
  • Brien Center
    124 American Legion Drive North Adams MA., 1247
  • Arbour Counseling Services
    157 Green Street Jamaica Plain Massachusetts, 2130
  • LUK Inc Outreach Site
    40 Southbridge Street Worcester Massachusetts, 1608
  • St. Anns Home and School
    100 Haverhill Street Methuen MA., 1844
  • South Bay Community Services
    607 Pleasant Street Attleboro MA., 2703
  • Justice Resource Institute
    140 Park Street Attleboro Massachusetts, 2703
  • Brockton Addiction Treatment Center
    30 Meadowbrook Road Brockton Massachusetts, 2302
  • Brockton Multi Service Center
    165 Quincy Street Brockton MA., 2302
  • Boston Childrens Hospital
    300 Longwood Avenue Boston MA., 2115
  • McLean Hospital
    115 Mill Street Belmont Massachusetts, 2478
  • Community Counseling of Bristol County
    5 Bank Street Attleboro Massachusetts, 2703
  • Dr John C Corrigan MH Ctr
    49 Hillside Street Fall River MA., 2720
  • ServiceNet Inc
    53-57 Beacon Street Greenfield MA., 1301
  • ServiceNet OP Behavioral Center
    50 Pleasant Street Northampton Massachusetts, 1060
  • Phoenix Houses of New England
    5 Madison Avenue Springfield Massachusetts, 1105
  • Project COPE Inc
    66 Johnson Street Lynn MA., 1902
  • North Suffolk MH Association
    265 Beach Street Revere MA., 2151
  • ServiceNet OP Behavioral Center
    55 Federal Street Greenfield Massachusetts, 1301
  • Clinical and Support Options
    8 Atwood Drive Northampton Massachusetts, 1060
  • Arbour Counseling Services
    38 Pond Street Franklin MA., 2038
  • Arbour Counseling Services
    599 Canal Street Lawrence MA., 1840
  • Steppingstone Inc
    466 North Main Street Fall River Massachusetts, 2720
  • Cambridge Health Alliance
    26 Central Street Somerville Massachusetts, 2143
  • Spectrum Health Systems Inc
    861 Main Street South Weymouth MA., 2190
  • South Middlesex Opportunity Council
    300 Howard Street Framingham MA., 1702
  • Bournewood Hospital
    300 South Street Chestnut Hill Massachusetts, 2467
  • Volunteers of America Family
    5 Post Office Square Taunton Massachusetts, 2780
  • Cutchins Prog for Children Families
    78 Pomeroy Terrace Northampton MA., 1060
  • Boston Public Health Commission
    209 River Street Mattapan MA., 2126
  • New Life Center for Recovery
    1323 Worcester Street Indian Orchard Massachusetts, 1151
  • Hairston House
    25 Graves Avenue Northampton Massachusetts, 1060
  • South Shore Mental Health
    215 Sandwich Road Wareham MA., 2571
  • Worcester LUK Site
    40 Southbridge Street Worcester MA., 1608
  • Brigham and Womens Faulkner Hospital
    1153 Centre Street Jamaica Plain Massachusetts, 2130
  • Boston Alcohol and Substance
    29 Winter Street Boston Massachusetts, 2108
  • Community Healthcare Inc
    297 Pleasant Street Northampton MA., 1060
  • South Bay Community Services
    103 Commercial Street Brockton MA., 2302
  • Lynn Comprehensive Treatment Center
    11 Circle Avenue Lynn Massachusetts, 1905
  • Dimock CSS Womens Renewal at Dimock
    55 Dimock Street Roxbury Massachusetts, 2119
  • Volunteers of America
    686 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA., 2118
  • Institute for Health and Recovery Inc
    97 Central Street Lowell MA., 1852
  • Institute for Health and Recovery Inc
    155 Maple Street Springfield Massachusetts, 1105


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