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Drug addiction is a serious problem for many Ohio residents. Illicit street drugs as well as prescription pain killers including methadone have high rates of abuse which cause serious consequences in the state. Because of such high rates of substance abuse in Ohio, drug induced deaths in the state are far higher than the national average with nearly 1700 residents losing their lives in 2008 alone. Most of these deaths were due to unintentional drug poisoning, i.e. drug overdose, many of which were caused by prescription medications such as opioids like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin. The problem of non-medical use of prescription narcotics is one which spans all age groups in Ohio, with this category of drug being the most preferred among high school seniors. Because the problem of substance abuse is so prevalent and broad, drug rehab programs in Ohio are ready to accept individuals immediately into treatment who need help.

Because there are different types of drug rehab programs available in Ohio, it is important to understand the differences so that a program is chosen which suits one's needs. Outpatient and short term drug rehab programs don't provide an intensive or extensive amount of treatment in the case that someone is trying to overcome a long term problem or serious addiction issue. Most who are under the false impression that short term and outpatient drug rehabs are sufficient treatment options relapse and become even worse off or wind up back in drug rehab. If they enter the right drug rehab from the get go, this won't happen. Choosing the correct drug rehab program if one truly wants to become rehabilitated is based off of a decision which takes into account the length of time needed in treatment and treatment setting. Taking these things into consideration and doing one's research will bring one to the conclusion that inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in Ohio are one's best bet at providing a superior treatment environment and length of stay which will ensure the best results are achieved in drug rehab. After all, individuals who really want to remain abstinent once treatment is complete should completely immerse themselves in drug rehab with no distractions and for as long as needed to achieve successful results.

The length of time individuals are required to remain in treatment can vary greatly from program to program in Ohio. As mentioned before there are short term 30-day drug rehab programs in the state which help the individual get through detox and withdrawal and provide a brief course of therapy and counseling to address other addiction issues. Time has shown that this is often not enough time for treatment counselors to address the issues which could make them relapse when they leave treatment. The longer an individual is given the opportunity to reveal and address issues in their lives which could cause them problems or trigger drug abuse the better off they will be when they re-enter the real world when drug rehab is complete. Their chance of relapsing and getting back into trouble are drastically reduced when put in a proper treatment setting and one which requires a stay of at least 90 days or more. Long term inpatient or residential drug rehab programs are therefore the best option, whose reputations are backed up by successful results. Once treatment is complete, it is even sometimes a good idea for individuals to have an aftercare plan where treatment professionals can provide additional support and monitor their progress outside of treatment.

If someone who is addicted to drugs in Ohio, it can seem as though there is nothing that can be done to help them as family members and friends have to sit back watch them decay and destroy their lives. There are ways of helping convince someone go to drug rehab when all else has failed. One effective route is to hold a drug intervention, which is a meeting with the addicted individual and all those who care about them to help persuade them to choose rehab and life over drugs and addiction. Intervention participants can work with treatment counselors and a professional interventionist who can help guide everyone through the process run the intervention itself to ensure that it is a success. During the intervention itself, participants express to the addicted individual how addiction is so destructive and who it must end to save their life and relationships. Once someone sees all of the truth, love and concern they will usually accept the help and go to drug rehab.

The minute the individual arrives to drug rehab in Ohio they will begin the intensive recovery process which begins with detox. The vast majority of their time spend in treatment will be spent addressing the psychological and emotional ties to addiction, but they will first need to overcome any physical obstacles associated with drug withdrawal and be in a sober frame of mind, i.e. not high on drugs. Within a matter of days an individual can successfully get through detox with the help of treatment counselors and medical professionals as needed. Once the individual is no longer under the influence of drugs or experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms, they can then begin their introspective journey to discover the real reasons they became addicted to drugs and apply tools to resolve these issues and become truly rehabilitated. With a treatment curriculums designed by professional treatment counselors specifically to suit the needs of each individual in drug rehab, individuals can take the time needed to ensure anything which could weigh them down or trigger a relapse is resolved, so that they never wind up in the same situation.

If you are addicted to drugs or know someone in Ohio who is in need of drug rehab, contact a professional treatment counselor in the state to get them the help they need today. Get all of your questions answered and do whatever is needed to immediately get yourself or someone who know started in drug rehab before it is too late.

Treatment Listings in Ohio:
  • Haven Behavioral Hospital of Dayton
    One Elizabeth Place Dayton OH., 45417
  • Blick Clinic
    640 West Market Street Akron OH., 44303
  • Louis Stokes VA Medical Center
    2031 Belmont Avenue Youngstown Ohio, 44505
    547 East 11th Avenue Columbus Ohio, 43211
  • L and P Services
    125 Lee Street Belpre OH., 45714
    1344 5th Avenue Youngstown OH., 44504
  • Alcohol and Drug Services of
    927 Wheeling Avenue Cambridge Ohio, 43725
  • Duke E Ellis Human Development Inst
    9 North Edwin C Moses Boulevard Dayton Ohio, 45402
  • Shelby County Counseling Center Inc
    1101 North Vandemark Road Sidney OH., 45365
  • Signature Health
    4726 Main Avenue Ashtabula OH., 44004
  • Buckeye Ranch
    5665 Hoover Road Grove City Ohio, 43123
  • Toledo Center for Eating Disorders
    5465 Main Street Sylvania Ohio, 43560
  • OhioGuidestone
    90 North State Street Painesville OH., 44077
  • Trumbull Memorial Hospital
    1350 East Market Street Warren OH., 44482
  • Rosary Hall
    2351 East 22nd Street Cleveland Ohio, 44115
  • Interval Brotherhood Homes Inc
    3445 South Main Street Akron Ohio, 44319
  • Cleveland Christian Home
    11401 Lorain Avenue Cleveland OH., 44111
  • Womanline of Dayton Inc
    4617 Presidential Way Dayton OH., 45429
  • Mercy REACH
    Mercy Crest Medical Building Springfield Ohio, 45504
  • Ironton Lawrence Cnty Comm Action Org
    120 North 3rd Street Ironton Ohio, 45638
  • Firelands Csl and Recovery Servs
    76 Ashwood Drive Tiffin OH., 44883
  • New Insights DWI Servs Csl Center
    1222 Harrisburg Road Canton OH., 44705
  • Solutions Comm Csl and Recovery Ctr
    50 Greenwood Lane Springboro Ohio, 45066
  • Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Ctr
    108 Erin Court Hillsboro Ohio, 45133
  • Consolidated Care Inc
    118 Maple Avenue Bellefontaine OH., 43311
  • Center for Individual and Family Servs
    741 Scholl Road Mansfield OH., 44907
  • Recovery Resources
    4269 Pearl Road Cleveland Ohio, 44109
  • Miami Valley Hospital
    1 Wyoming Street Dayton Ohio, 45409
  • Community Health Center
    680 East Market Street Akron OH., 44305
  • Consolidated Care Inc
    1521 North Detroit Street West Liberty OH., 43357
  • Firelands Counseling Recovery Services
    122 West Center Street Fostoria Ohio, 44830


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