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Substance abuse is a problem which plagues many residents in the state of Rhode Island. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are premiere issues which cause many consequences in the state each year, including health issues and serious chronic disease as well as death. In fact, alcohol related diagnoses and deaths are significantly higher than the national average in Rhode Island and have been for decades, showing a significant problem in the state. Drug-related deaths are just as bad of a problem in Rhode Island, with rates which have been higher than the national average for many years with no sign of improvement. Heroin and cocaine cause many drug related deaths each year in Rhode Island, but a new and even more sinister problem has come to light in recent years which has also been responsible for many deaths in the state; prescription narcotics. Oxycodone, a prescription drug which can be used to achieve a high similar to heroin, is the main culprit in the state. No matter what an individual is addicted to, drug rehab programs in Rhode Island have helped many residents overcome addiction and avoid the serious consequences that could result if they don�''t get help.

Just because a drug is legal, such as alcohol or prescription drugs, doesn�''t mean individuals won�''t or can�''t become addicted to them. Unfortunately, there are social norms in place which make it acceptable to dabble in drugs and overindulge in substances which should never be abused, such as prescription narcotics for example. It is all too easy for social experimentation to turn into a full blown addiction, and it happens more often than one would think. Individuals who abuse such substances quickly develop a physical and psychological dependence that drives them to seek out and use more, and that is the definition of addiction. It isn�''t cute or pretty, and this is the reality of the situation whether one wants to come to terms with it or not. Most individuals who get caught up in this sort of lifestyle will of course choose to not come to terms with it, and would rather be in denial. In fact, watch out if you accuse them of being substance dependent or addicted. The truth is, this is the last thing they want to hear and it may seem as though you are their worst enemy when in fact you are the dearest friend.

Even though individuals who are drug addicted innately know that they need help, they often won�''t reach out for it and may need to be persuaded to do so. Nobody wants to be the bad guy, which is how it may seem when confronting an addict. Someone must do it however or the individual may be lost to a life of drugs forever. There are tools and solutions for this which loved ones and friends can use to help convince addicted individuals to get help and go to drug rehab in Rhode Island. One very effective tool which has been used for decades is a drug intervention. An intervention is a very exact process which works by effectively persuading the individual that rehab is the better choice over drugs. A successful intervention is best achieved with the help of a professional interventionist who is trained in the process who can assist intervention participants through each step of the process. The individuals will be surrounded by truth, love and concerned from those most important to them so they can see what they will lose if they let their addiction continue. Once they accept the truth and that they will never win by staying addicted to drugs, most will go to drug rehab in Rhode Island so that they can have their life, friends and families back.

The drug rehab process has specific steps, the first of which will be a drug detox. Professional treatment counselors and medical professionals will either help the individual stop their drug use all at once or gradually and with the help of certain medications. Some substances, such as certain prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines, cause withdrawal symptoms which can cause death if the individual stops taking them cold turkey. This is why individuals need to be in a drug rehab or drug detox facility while going through detox and withdrawal to negate any serious consequences if this is the case. It is normal as drugs are eliminated from the body for individuals to experience symptoms of withdrawal, some of which can cause extreme discomfort and pain. This is dependent on their drug of choice, although most symptoms no matter how severe can be easily overcome within a matter of days. Individuals are also very likely to experience extreme drug craving during detox and withdrawal, which can cause relapse if not in a drug rehab setting. The benefit of being in drug rehab during this time is that individuals will have no access to drugs so the chances of them relapsing diminish significantly.

Even though drug detox and withdrawal may seem like the biggest step to overcome at the time, it is just a stepping stone to the true rehabilitation process which will result in much more significant gains and successes. It is one thing to become abstinent, it is a much bigger challenge to continue to remain that way with the confidence that one doesn�''t need or want drugs ever again. The only way to achieve this level of certainty and confidence is by addressing not the physical issues, but the more important and elusive psychological and emotional issues which caused the problems with substance abuse in the first place. This is what drug rehab is ultimately focused around and what will help individuals become truly rehabilitated. To achieve this can take months and even up to a year in some cases with significant aftercare programs. Professional treatment counselors will work individuals through comprehensive treatment programs which include counseling and therapy to address their specific life issues and difficulties until they are resolved. This process is best undertaken in an inpatient or residential drug rehab in Rhode Island so that the individual can take as long as they need to fully recover from addiction in a distraction free and therapeutic environment.

If you or someone you know in Rhode Island is caught up in a life of addiction and either wants or needs help, professional drug treatment counselors are standing by to help get that person on the road to rehabilitation. Drug rehabs in Rhode Island can help save you or a loved one from a life of addiction today so that a fresh start and new life is possible.

Treatment Listings in Rhode Island:
  • South Shore Center
    4705 Old Post Road Charlestown RI., 2813
  • Kent Center for
    2756 Post Road Warwick Rhode Island, 2886
  • Family Service of Rhode Island Inc
    9 Pleasant Street Providence Rhode Island, 2906
  • AdCare Rhode Island
    1950 Tower Hill Road North Kingstown RI., 2852
  • Butler Hospital
    345 Blackstone Boulevard Providence RI., 2906
  • Community Care Alliance
    55 John A Cummings Way Woonsocket Rhode Island, 2895
  • Community Care Alliance
    80 Summit Street Pawtucket Rhode Island, 2860
  • Tri Town Community Action Agency
    1126 Hartford Avenue Johnston RI., 2919
  • RI Substance Abuse Treatment Inc
    66 Pavilion Avenue Providence RI., 2905


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