Tennessee Drug Rehab

The state of Tennessee has some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the nation. Alcoholism and Illicit drug abuse are serious problems, as well as the emerging and deadly threat of prescription drug abuse all of which cause many consequences in the state each year. In fact Tennessee has the highest rate of abuse of prescription opioids among residents 26 and older than any other state in the nation. Prescription opioid and benzodiazepine abuse have been responsible for many accidental deaths in Tennessee in recent years, with over 1,000 such deaths in 2007 alone. With such a significant problem in Tennessee, it is important that individuals involved in substance abuse and addiction know where to get effective help to avoid the consequences it can cause and to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and those they care about.

Addicted individuals tend to remain in denial about their problem, because this makes it far easier to maintain their habit and justify their actions. Addicted individuals will lie to those closest to them, and even attempt to convince anyone who seems concerned that there is really no problem at all. Family and loved ones may even become enablers and either directly or indirectly help the individual continue their habit. This can be done in a number of ways without family or friends ever realizing they are doing any sort of enabling. This can be so detrimental to important and sacred relationships, and there are so many victimizations which result from the individual's addiction and destructive behavior in the process. This destruction doesn't have to persist, because there are treatment tools which can be applied to help resolve even the toughest cases of addiction. When addiction is evident, and the individual will not get help on their own, family members and friends must do everything possible to avoid enabling them and get them into drug rehab as soon as possible at all costs.

If an individual seems as though they cannot be persuaded to go to drug rehab, as is often the case, there are useful tools that concerned family and friends can use to help convince them to go. One of the most effective tools is a drug intervention. Once a drug rehab has been chosen which suits the individual's needs, an interventionist can help orchestrate a drug intervention by educating and guiding all participants through the process and hold and mediate over the intervention itself. This is a meeting where all intervention participants can speak the truth to the addict and show them all that they have to live for if they make the right choice and go to drug rehab, or all they stand to lose if they don't go. A drug intervention is often just the trick to help convince someone that drug rehab if the right choice and most will go right away.

Once an individual finally does make it to drug rehab in Tennessee, drug detox is the first step of their treatment program. Detox is a process which inevitably occurs whether the individual is in drug rehab or not, although a drug rehab is a setting which will ensure that this process is as safe and smooth as possible. Detox is the process that the body goes through when an individual abruptly stops taking drugs, and as the drug exits the system it has to re-adjust to normal function without the substance of choice. This more often than not results in physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms which can be mild to severe depending on the individual's drug of choice. Drug cravings are common throughout the detox process, and withdrawal symptoms can be quickly alleviated if the individual takes more drugs, which is what one often does if not in a drug rehab setting. This is why undergoing detox in a drug rehab detox in Tennessee is a lot smarter than trying to do this on one's own. After, the individual will benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan as well so that they can remain abstinent in the long term.

After detox is complete, becoming rehabilitated is an arduous process which can take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. Because the outside world can throw so many curveballs at someone trying to recover from addiction and become rehabilitated, drug rehab should take place in a distraction free environment in Tennessee. Residential or inpatient drug rehab program in the state are proven to provide the best results for individuals who truly want to dedicate themselves to the rehabilitation process and work on making a fresh start for themselves. Treatment counselors will provide a comprehensive treatment plan that will vary from individual to individual, and will often include individual and group counseling and other effective treatment tools which will help individuals develop coping skills to be able to better handle environmental triggers which could cause relapse once they leave treatment. This process can take many weeks, and individuals should be prepared to stay in drug rehab in Tennessee until this process is complete as deemed by treatment professionals. The most successful drug rehab programs as stated earlier require a residential or inpatient stay of 90 days or longer, and some individuals may be advised to take part in intensive aftercare programs once their drug rehab program is complete. This will be overseen by treatment counselors who can provide any necessary support and intervention while the individual learns to readapt to life in the real world without the use of drugs.

It is possible to overcome addiction, and it is only a matter of taking advantage of the effective treatment tools available in the state of Tennessee. If you or someone you know of is caught up in drug addiction and wants to rebuild their lives and make a fresh start, drug rehab programs in Tennessee are prepared to help anyone in need accomplish this. Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab today to find out more today.

Treatment Listings in Tennessee:
  • Takoma Regional Hospital
    401 Takoma Avenue Greeneville TN., 37743
  • Crisis Response Team
    510 East Main Street Gallatin Tennessee, 37066
  • Ranch
    6107 Pinewood Road Nunnelly Tennessee, 37137
  • Hope of East Tennessee Inc
    115 Lancaster Road Oak Ridge TN., 37830
  • Pathways of Tennessee Inc
    238 Summar Drive Jackson TN., 38301
  • Centerstone Giles County
    1002 Brindley Drive Pulaski Tennessee, 38478
  • United Neighborhood Health Services
    526 8th Avenue South Nashville Tennessee, 37203
  • Lloyd C Elam Mental Health Center
    1005 D B Todd Boulevard Nashville TN., 37208
  • Steppenstone Youth Treatment Center
    110 Steppenstone Boulevard Limestone TN., 37681
  • Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program
    4023 Knight Arnold Street Memphis Tennessee, 38118
  • Innovative Counseling and Consulting
    1455 Poplar Avenue Memphis Tennessee, 38104
  • Cherokee Health Systems
    7714 Conner Road Powell TN., 37849
  • Foundations Memphis
    1083 West Rex Road Memphis TN., 38119
  • Centerstone
    1601 Nashville Highway Lewisburg Tennessee, 37091
  • Frontier Health
    401 Holston Drive Greeneville Tennessee, 37743
  • Health Connect America Cookeville
    2370 Quinland Lake Road Cookeville TN., 38506
  • Cedar Grove
    1640 Lascassas Pike Murfreesboro TN., 37130
  • The Grove Primary Care Clinic LLC
    702 South Main Street Middleton Tennessee, 38052
  • Professional Care Services Inc
    2380 Henry Street Dyersburg Tennessee, 38024
  • Case Management Inc
    3171 Director Rowe Memphis TN., 38117
  • Highlands Medical Center
    401 Sewell Drive Sparta TN., 38583
  • Buffalo Valley Inc
    554 2nd Avenue North Lewisburg Tennessee, 37091
  • Hiwassee Mental Health
    520 Cook Street Madisonville Tennessee, 37354
  • Quinco Mental Health Center
    1410 Pickwick Road Savannah TN., 38372
  • Cherokee Health Systems
    1285 Highway 11 West Bean Station TN., 37708
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center Inc
    5310 Ball Camp Pike Knoxville Tennessee, 37921
  • Next Door Inc
    128 8th Avenue South Nashville Tennessee, 37202
  • Centerstone
    721 Highway 46 South Dickson TN., 37055
  • Volunteer BH Care System
    1915 Columbia Avenue Franklin TN., 37064
  • Carey Counseling Center Inc
    408 Virginia Street Paris Tennessee, 38242
  • LifeCare Family Services Cookeville
    665 South Jefferson Avenue Cookeville Tennessee, 38501
  • Centerstone Dickson
    721 Highway 46 South Dickson TN., 37055
  • Ridgeview Psychiatric Outpatient Ctr
    240 West Tyrone Road Oak Ridge TN., 37830
  • Frontier Health Erwin MH Center
    218 North Main Avenue Erwin Tennessee, 37650
  • Alternative Counseling Center LLC
    3105 Essary Drive Knoxville Tennessee, 37918
  • Tennessee Valley Healthcare Services
    3400 Lebanon Pike Murfreesboro TN., 37129
  • Volunteer BH Care System
    940 South Ocoee Street Cleveland TN., 37311
  • Peninsula Behavioral Health
    210 Simmons Street Maryville Tennessee, 37801


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