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Recent studies and reports have found that Nevada residents use drugs and alcohol at extremely high rates, much higher than other states based on national averages. The home of "Sin City"�', Nevada comes in at the top in many drug-use categories. Stimulants such as methamphetamine are the most common illicit drugs of abuse among primary drug treatment admissions in the state. Nevada also has a serious problem which has flown under the radar until recently, the problem of prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse is a widespread and national problem, but one which is commonly overlooked since these drugs are legal and often prescribed legitimately. This doesn�''t make prescription drug abuse any less dangerous and many individuals will find themselves dependent to these drugs much in the same way they can become addicted and dependent to any other drug of abuse. Whichever drug is abused, abuse and addiction causes many serious consequences in the state. For example, there were over 300 deaths in Las Vegas alone in 2009 as a result of prescription drug overdose, a trend which has been pretty consistent in the area over the past several years. In fact, in 2010 two times as many people died of prescription drug overdose in the Las Vegas area as those who overdosed on street drugs.

While prescription drugs in Nevada are often used recreationally aside other illicit drugs, some individuals in the state can become addicted to these powerful drugs even through legitimate use such as after a surgery. Whatever the case may be it is all too easy to become dependent to any drug of abuse which can cause drug seeking behavior, and ultimately addiction. Individuals in Nevada who try and beat drug addiction on their own are often unable to overcome the intense withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings which occur when someone stops using drugs abruptly. Aside from this, individuals often abuse drugs to help numb or mask deeper problems, and it can be difficult to function without drugs once someone becomes used to having them as a mental or social crutch.

In a drug rehab in Nevada, professional treatment counselors know what individuals are up against and what it takes to beat addiction. While there will be physical challenges in the beginning, effective drug rehab programs help individuals come to terms with how their addiction started; circumstances which are often never physical at all. The physical challenges of detox and withdrawal are best overcome in a drug rehab facility which can provide a superior level of care during this crucial time to ensure the individual doesn�''t give in to withdrawal and drug cravings. This is not the end of the road however, and is only the first step on a road with many more challenges requiring a high level of support and care. Because addicted individuals don�''t have the tools to address underlying emotional and psychological addiction issues, the next steps of drug rehab can only be performed by treatment counselors who know what it takes to truly rehabilitate someone who has fallen prey to drug addiction.

After drug detox is complete and the individual is no longer high or going through withdrawal, treatment counselors in drug rehabs in Nevada can then focus the individual�''s treatment on steps which will help them remain abstinent and have a better quality of life. There are a variety of treatment techniques and methods used to do so, mostly involving intense therapy and education to better understand the causes of one�''s addiction and how to avoid these situations and pitfalls in the future. Because this process should be done without distraction or access to drugs, because things can be so touch and go while in treatment, it is best to be in an inpatient or residential drug rehab program in Nevada. These programs make it possible for the individual to have complete focus on drug rehab and not on things which will either be a distraction or cause them to relapse.

The priority of drug rehab is to effectively treat addiction by using as many tools possible for as long as possible to help them overcome addiction for good. Unfortunately, some are under the false impression that this can be a fast process and may consider taking part in a short term program of 30 days or less because this seems like a more convenient option. However, drug rehab is definitely not a process which can be rushed, and individuals will need to spend a considerable amount of time in treatment to be able to gain the confidence that they can remain abstinent once they leave treatment. Most drug rehab programs in Nevada which have the highest success rates are those which require a 90 day stay and preferably longer for those who require more extensive treatment programs. Some may even be required to take part in aftercare programs which are overseen by treatment counselors to ensure they have a strong support system and don�''t relapse when they return home.

Because friends and loves ones may find it difficult to convince someone that they need to go to drug rehab, treatment counselors at the drug rehab of choice in Nevada can help hold a drug intervention with the help of a professional interventionist. Drug interventions have been used for many years and have proven successful in helping get addicted individuals see that they have so much more to live for than drugs. It is a very simple process that can be used when all else has failed let the individual know how concerned family and loved ones are and that there is a solution waiting for them in drug rehab in Nevada. Drug rehab is sometimes an individual�''s last chance at being able to have a life worth living, and many individuals who don�''t make it to drug rehab in Nevada wind up losing their lives to drugs in the end. If you or someone you know needs drug rehab for addiction, a drug rehab counselor in Nevada is waiting to hear from you to help you get started today.

Treatment Listings in Nevada:
  • Elko Counseling and Supportive Servs
    1825 Pinion Road Elko NV., 89801
  • Rural Clinics Community MH Centers
    1528 U.S. Highway 395 North Gardnerville Nevada, 89410
  • Vitality Center
    1135 Terminal Way Reno NV., 89502
  • Carson Tahoe Health BH Services
    775 Fleischmann Way Carson City Nevada, 89703
  • Dr Miriam Sheldon G Adelson
    3661 South Maryland Parkway Las Vegas NV., 89169
  • Desert Willow Treament Center
    6171 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas Nevada, 89146
  • Northern Nevada Medical Center
    2375 East Prater Way Sparks NV., 89434
  • Vitality Center
    3740 East Idaho Street Elko Nevada, 89801
  • Advanced DUI and Counseling
    1000 Bible Way Reno NV., 89502
  • A Better Today Recovery Services LLC
    6655 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas Nevada, 89146
  • West Hills Hospital
    1240 East 9th Street Reno NV., 89512


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