Oregon Drug Rehab

Drug abuse and addiction as well as alcoholism are serious problems in the state of Oregon which cause serious consequences and take the lives of many residents in the state each year. Substance abuse costs the state of Oregon several million dollars a year in terms of lost earnings, crime, and criminal justice costs etc. The substance abuse problem in the state spans all age groups, even high school aged youth who have higher rates of abuse in certain drug use and alcohol use categories than older Oregon residents. Because of the serious consequences associated with substance abuse in Oregon, effective drug rehab must be an option that all residents in the state can take advantage of if and when they need it. Drug rehab programs which can get addicted individuals through drug and alcohol detox and then a tailored treatment curriculum to address all of the issues which prompted the substance abuse are broadly available in the state.

For individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, every day is a constant struggle. Friends and family often are affected as well, and are always worried and concerned about their wellbeing, but helpless in trying to help them. What everyone involved must understand is that no matter how hard the person wants to quit, they will most likely never be able to do so on their own. Most addicted individuals who do attempt to quit on their own not only wind up back in drugs or abusing alcohol, but even put themselves at risk of overdose and end up in even worse shape than before they tried to quit. Just trying to detox oneself from drugs or alcohol isn�''t going to resolve the real reasons the individual became involved with these substances to begin with. Unless the underlying emotional and psychological issues are resolved, the individual is not going to have any luck remaining abstinent. So instead of simply trying to overcome the superficial physical symptoms of addiction on one�''s own is never going to work, and individuals need help to truly become rehabilitated so that they can remain abstinent and go on to live a healthy and productive life. In drug rehab, this is made possible through the use of a myriad of treatment tools which can be used to help bring underlying addiction issues to the surface so they can be resolved.

Addicted individuals can receive effective help at any of the various different types of drug rehab programs in Oregon. It is important to understand what the different programs have to offer and which one is best for each individual and their unique circumstances. Some drug rehab programs only offer a short amount of treatment for example, and are referred to as short term drug rehab programs. For someone who has a severe physical dependence and addiction to drugs or alcohol, these types of programs are not going to offer treatment long enough to become truly rehabilitated. For even mild cases of addiction, individuals should be in a drug rehab program which provides a stable and therapeutic environment, such as an inpatient or residential drug rehab program in the state which allows the individual to remain in treatment for a sufficient amount of time to address all issues. This can take as long as a year in some cases and some individuals even require intensive aftercare programs or a stay in a halfway house until they can get on their feet again. Long term inpatient and residential drug rehab programs have the success rates and proven results to back this up, and individuals who do make it to treatment will experience the best results in this type of drug rehab program in Oregon.

For some individuals who refuse help and won�''t go to drug rehab, it is necessary to hold a drug intervention to help persuade them to go when all other efforts have failed. If they don�''t go to drug rehab, there�''s a chance they may be lost to a life of addiction forever and may even be one of the many casualties that the state experiences each year because of substance abuse. Family and friends can work with a professional interventionist to make preparations for the actual meeting itself and make all arrangements in advance at the drug rehab of choice. The drug intervention itself will be an opportunity for for loved ones and friends to let the addicted individual know how their addiction is destroying their lives and relationships and how things can change if they accept help now and go to drug rehab. Most will cave and accept this help in light of the fact that they are surrounded by an immense amount of truth and support for them to get well.

Once they make it to drug rehab, professional treatment counselors will help them begin the rehabilitation process. Drug and alcohol detoxification is the first phase of treatment which will help them through the symptoms of withdrawal and also ensure that detox is a safe and smooth process. Complications do arise at times, especially when detoxing from alcohol and certain prescription drugs. It is best to be in a professional detox facility or drug rehab during this time in the event that a serious complication does arise, some of which can be life threatening. After detox is complete, professional treatment counselors will begin the arduous yet rewarding process of rehabilitation which entails many hours and weeks or intensive therapy and counseling which will help them overcome the psychological and emotional barriers to their long term abstinence. While becoming truly rehabilitated can take a considerable amount of time and hard work, it will be worth it in the end with the individual leaves drug rehab in Oregon with the confidence that they will never put themselves or their loved ones through any more turmoil because of substance abuse. Better yet, they will be able to focus on productive and positive goals and relationships and build a better life for themselves.

Treatment Listings in Oregon:
  • Sunrise Counseling
    11126 NE Halsey Street Portland Oregon, 97220
  • Cedar Hills Hospital
    10300 SW Eastridge Street Portland OR., 97225
  • Oregon Trail Recovery LLC
    10600 SE McLoughlin Boulevard Portland OR., 97222
  • Trillium Family Services
    4455 NE Highway 20 Corvallis Oregon, 97330
  • Centro Latino Americano
    944 West 5th Avenue Eugene Oregon, 97402
  • ADAPT Grants Pass
    418 NW 6th Street Grants Pass OR., 97526
  • ASSETS Program
    865 NW Reiman Avenue Corvallis OR., 97330
  • Rainrock Treatment Center LL
    41496 McKenzie Highway Springfield Oregon, 97478
  • Lakeview Center for Change LLC
    100 North D Street Lakeview Oregon, 97630
  • Columbia Community Mental Health
    58646 McNulty Way St. Helens OR., 97051
  • ChangePoint Inc
    1700 NW 167th Place Beaverton OR., 97006
  • Potentials LLC
    100 39th Street, Pier 39 Astoria Oregon, 97103
  • Addictions Recovery Center
    1003 East Main Street Medford Oregon, 97504
  • Phoenix Counseling Center Inc
    149 South Main Street Phoenix OR., 97535
  • Center for Human Development of
    2301 Cove Avenue La Grande OR., 97850
  • Serenity Lane
    1885 Fisher Road NE Salem Oregon, 97305
  • Cascadia Behavorial Healthcare
    3034 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland Oregon, 97212
  • Linn County
    104 SW 4th Avenue Albany OR., 97321
  • Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare
    65 North Highway 101 Warrenton OR., 97146
  • Choices Counseling Center
    109 NE Manzanita Avenue Grants Pass Oregon, 97526
  • BestCare
    910 4th Street Madras Oregon, 97741
  • Oregon State Hospital
    2600 Center Street NE Salem OR., 97301
  • Community Counseling Solutions
    120 South Main Street Heppner OR., 97836
  • Clackamas County Behavioral Health
    38872 Proctor Boulevard Sandy Oregon, 97055
  • De Paul Treatment Centers Inc
    4310 NE Killingworth Street Portland Oregon, 97208
  • Lifeways Inc
    331 SE 2nd Street Pendleton OR., 97801
  • East Comprehensive Treatment Center
    6601 NE 78th Court Portland OR., 97218
  • Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene
    715 Lincoln Street Eugene Oregon, 97401


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