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Substance abuse is a serious problem in Utah which negatively impacts many residents in the state. Illicit street drugs as well as prescription drugs have high rates of abuse, and alcoholism and abuse of alcohol among youth are also very serious issues in Utah. Because of the substance abuse problem in Utah, drug induced deaths in the state are far higher than the national average and have actually doubled in recent years. Most of these deaths are due to unintentional drug poisoning. This is a consequence which is very common when individuals don't get the help they need, and many lose their lives to addiction in this way not only in Utah but in every state in the nation. Because substance abuse is such a prevalent problem which results in so many serious consequences for all Utah residents, drug rehab programs in the state are available to help combat the problem and help residents overcome addiction once and for all.

To ensure you are choosing the appropriate drug rehab in Utah that will be most effective for yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand the differences in approach and treatment methods for those programs that are available in the state. Outpatient drug rehab programs provide treatment in-house and the individual is allowed to return home afterwards. This type of drug rehab in Utah will often not provide very high success rates in terms of abstinence, because the individual may be exposed to drug triggers on a daily basis which have not yet been resolved when they return home every day. There are very high rates of relapse associated with outpatient programs in the state as a result. Residential and inpatient drug rehab programs are a far superior option, because this avoids any type of situation and influences which may compromise the individual's abstinence. When gains and successes are achieved in an inpatient or residential drug rehab program in Utah, these can be sustained and strengthened because there will be little to no distractions during the treatment process. These types of drug rehab programs therefore have the highest success rates in terms of long term abstinence and individual being able to make a fresh start confidently.

There are also long term and short term drug rehab program options in Utah. Short term drug rehabs in the state typically provide a 30-day program which includes brief but intensive counseling and therapy to address addiction issues. This is often not enough time to fully address these issues however and, especially for individuals who are seriously dependent and addicted to drugs. A great number of treatment clients who take part in such a short term program either become worse off when they leave or wind up right back in drug rehab. The longer someone in drug rehab is given the opportunity to take part in intensive therapy and counseling to address the issues which are triggering their addiction the better their chances at making a full recovery and being able to confidently move forward in their lives drug free. With this in mind, it is understandable that long term inpatient and residential drug rehab program in Utah which require a stay of at least 90 days or more are the programs which are not only preferable but will provide the best results. So when choosing a treatment option, don't choose the program which seems the easiest, shortest, etc. choose the drug rehab program that will deliver superior service and success rates.

If someone will not get help in drug rehab, simply by refusing to go or insisting that there isn't even a problem, friends, family and even coworkers must sometimes intervene and persuade them to go at all costs. For if they don't, they could wind up another casualty and no one wants this, not even the addict. There is a very effective tool which has been used successfully for many years to convince someone to go to drug rehab when all else has failed, which is a drug intervention. During a drug intervention the intervention participants confront the addicted individual about their addiction and show them all they have to lose if they continue their destructive life of substance abuse. Treatment counselors at the drug rehab of choice can help family members and friends liaise with a professional interventionist who can assist in educating everyone about the process and help make the intervention a success. It is worth a shot when considering the alternative options if the individual doesn't go to drug rehab.

At a drug rehab in Utah individuals will begin treatment by getting through a drug detox. This can take several days, and treatment staff will help individuals get through this part of the treatment process safely so that they can be in a good physical state and frame of mind to conquer the bigger picture in the next phase of treatment, which will include intensive counseling, therapy and education to become truly rehabilitated. The only way long term abstinent can be guaranteed is if the real reasons one began using drugs and alcohol to begin with are discovered and fully resolved. Treatment counselors are a drug rehab in Utah will apply proven treatment methods and tools to resolve these issues which, most of which have haunted the individual for some years. These issues and situations can be different for everyone, and in the appropriate treatment setting in Utah individuals will be allowed to go through this process at their own pace and in an environment which is conducive to this type of introspection and rehabilitation.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with substance abuse in Utah, drug rehab programs in the state can help put an end to the abuse so a fresh start is possible. To get the process started, contact a professional treatment counselor to get any concerns resolved, any of your questions answered and begin the steps needed to get yourself or someone you know immediately started in drug rehab before it is too late.

Treatment Listings in Utah:
  • Intermountain
    1555 West 2200 South Salt Lake City UT., 84119
  • Wasatch Mental Health
    750 North Freedom Boulevard Provo UT., 84601
  • Utah State Hospital
    1300 East Center Street Provo Utah, 84606
  • Ogden Regional Medical Center ACT
    5475 South 500 East Ogden Utah, 84405
  • Sandy Counseling Center
    8184 South Highland Drive Sandy UT., 84093
  • Assessment Counseling and
    1354 East 3300 South Salt Lake City UT., 84106
  • New Roads Treatment Centers LLC
    230 West Towne Ridge Parkway Sandy Utah, 84070
  • Valley Mental Health Inc
    1020 South Main Street Salt Lake City Utah, 84101
  • Sober Living Properties
    4688 Namba Way Salt Lake City UT., 84106
  • First Step House
    411 North Grant Street Salt Lake City UT., 84116
  • Utah Addiction Centers
    2590 Prairie View Drive Eagle Mountain Utah, 84005
  • Four Corners Community Behav Hlth Inc
    45 East 100 South Street Castle Dale Utah, 84513
  • Southwest Behavioral Health Center
    91 North 1850 West Cedar City UT., 84720
  • Cold Creek Behavioral Health
    845 West 200 North Kaysville UT., 84037
  • Primary Childrens Medical Center
    5770 South 1500 West Salt Lake City Utah, 84123
  • Recovery House for Men
    529 25th Street Ogden Utah, 84401
  • Southwest Behavioral Health Center
    75 West 1175 North Beaver UT., 84713
  • Addiction and Psychological Services
    224 North Orem Boulevard Orem UT., 84057
  • Life Stone Counseling Centers
    21 East 100 North American Fork Utah, 84003
  • Adolescence to Adulthood Counseling
    640 North Main Street North Salt Lake Utah, 84054
  • Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
    1034 North 500 West Provo UT., 84601


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