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All drugs of abuse are readily available in the state of Illinois, and there are thousands of residents in the state who struggle with addiction and need help. Illicit street drug abuse represents a large portion of the drug problem in the state, although alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs are also very significant issues which many residents struggle with. Instead of allowing the problem to persist, addicted individuals and their loved ones can take action to seek out and receive affective treatment to put an end to drug abuse and addiction once and for all in the state.

Individuals who are addicted to street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol in Illinois may have the best of intentions and want to put an end to their addiction. It can seem like a virtual prison when someone is caught up in substance abuse however, and no matter how hard one tries it can be impossible to kick the habit on one's own. This is because there are not just physical obstacles to overcome, but psychological dependence that develops to these substances over time. To an addict, their drug of choice becomes a crutch that they feel they need to even function at a "normal"' level on a daily basis. So when someone tries to quit their body and mind tell them in many different ways to get more of the drug at all costs, resulting in a myriad of unwanted physical symptoms, depression, problems sleeping and eating, and intense drug craving.

Addicted individuals therefore must be convinced at all costs to seek help with addiction at a drug rehab in Illinois. Drug rehab is a real chance at a fresh start, not just a chance to become abstinent. There is much more involved in actually rehabilitating an addicted individual, which goes far beyond addressing the physical symptoms of addiction and getting the individual off of drugs. There are often deep rooted psychological and emotional issues as well as other environmental factors which need to be addressed to ensure the individual remains abstinent. In drug rehab, individuals will also have around the clock care and support for challenges and obstacles during the course of treatment which will inevitably arise such as an urge to give in to drug cravings and leave treatment. Overall, there is a delineated path to becoming sober and being able to lead a productive life, and individuals simply need to take advantage of it.

If friends and family members are having trouble convincing someone that going to drug rehab is the right choice, there are tools which can be used to help persuade them. For example, a very proven and effective tool is a professional drug intervention. A drug intervention is a coming together of concerned friends, family and loved ones which provides a forum of truth so that the individual can understand the level of concern that intervention participants have for them, what they stand to lose if they don't go to drug rehab, and what they can do to get the help they need immediately. Professional treatment counselors at the drug rehab of choice can liaise with intervention participants and the interventionist too ensure all preparations are made well in advance and help make the intervention is a success.

Once an addicted individual comes to terms with the fact that drug rehab is their best shot at getting and staying off of drugs for good, they will first have to overcome withdrawal symptoms and get through a drug detox as the first step. No further treatment will be effective until these symptoms have subsided and all of the drugs have left the individual's system. Drug detox professionals and medical staff will provide around the clock care and intervene as necessary as any complications arise, which is sometimes the case. For example, detoxing from alcohol and some prescription drugs can cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Treatment professionals will get a full drug history from the beginning and take all proper precautions to ensure detox is a safe and smooth process. The time spend detoxing is typically spent getting proper rest, nutrition, supplements, medication as needed and even exercise to get the individual physically well and prepared for the nest important steps of treatment.

When the individual in drug rehab is physically well, meaning they are not high, drunk, or experiencing any unwanted withdrawal symptoms, they are then started on an actual treatment curriculum to address addiction issues. This includes therapy and other techniques and approaches, all which can vary depending on the treatment approach at that particular drug rehab program. Most drug rehab programs incorporate one on one and individual counseling as well as behavioral therapy to reveal and resolve an issues in their lives which could be triggering their addiction. This can include many things and varies from individual to individual, and can include anything from emotional or physical abuse to social handicaps.

Drug rehab as a process is best undergone in an inpatient or residential setting, which provides the best environment for individuals in treatment to feel secure and comfortable while they are resolving deep rooted addiction issues. Inpatient and residential drug rehab in Illinois is also the best treatment option because individuals will be able to retain their gains and successes in treatment, and not have any access to drugs or drug triggers during this very sensitive and crucial time. Drug rehab programs such as this typically require a 90 day stay or longer, which is the proper length of time proven to provide the best results. Other programs, such as 30 day drug rehab programs, are not extensive enough to even get someone through most of the physical symptoms which must be overcome in drug rehab and often provide far less superior results.

If you or someone you know in Illinois needs help with addiction, it is just a matter of speaking with a professional treatment counselor who can walk you through each step. Contact a treatment counselor today and make the important first steps today.

Treatment Listings in Illinois:
  • Captain James A Lovell FHCC
    3001 Green Bay Road North Chicago Illinois, 60064
  • Access Behavioral Services Inc
    3948 West 26th Street Chicago Illinois, 60623
  • Memorial Behavioral Health
    901 North 1st Street Springfield IL., 62781
  • A New Way of Life Inc
    720 Industrial Drive Cary IL., 60013
  • Human Resources Development Institute
    8000 South Racine Avenue Chicago Illinois, 60620
  • Changes Place
    773 West Lincoln Boulevard Freeport Illinois, 61032
  • Counseling Center of Illinois Inc
    4830 North Cumberland Avenue Harwood Heights IL., 60706
  • Chicago Treatment and
    4453 North Broadway Avenue Chicago IL., 60640
  • Montgomery County Health Department
    317 West Union Litchfield Illinois, 62056
  • Two Rivers Outreach Inc
    401 West Bridge Street Streator Illinois, 61364
  • Infant Welfare Society of Chicago
    3600 West Fullerton Avenue Chicago IL., 60647
  • VA Illiana Healthcare System
    1900 East Main Street Danville IL., 61832
  • Central East Alcohol and Drug Council
    8500 East County Road 150 North Lerna Illinois, 62440
  • Rosecrance
    2014 Auburn Street Rockford Illinois, 61103
  • Kirby Rehabilitation
    723 West 111th Street Chicago IL., 60628
  • Alcohol and Drug Professionals
    400 Court Street Pekin IL., 61554
  • Southeastern IL Counseling Centers Inc
    407 North Basin Road Fairfield Illinois, 62837
  • Methodist Medical Center
    221 NE Glen Oak Avenue Peoria Illinois, 61636
  • St. Marys Hospital
    1800 East Lake Shore Drive Decatur IL., 62521
  • Linden Oaks Behavioral Health at
    852 South West Street Naperville IL., 60540
  • Renz Addiction Counseling Center
    2 American Way Elgin Illinois, 60120
  • HRDI Harriet Tubman Womens
    2311 East 98th Street Chicago Illinois, 60617
  • ABC DUI Services
    1437 West Whittaker Street Salem IL., 62881
  • Community Resource Center
    421 West Main Street Vandalia IL., 62471
  • Cunningham Childrens Home
    1301 North Cunningham Avenue Urbana Illinois, 61802
  • Discovery House
    220 College Avenue DeKalb Illinois, 60115
  • St. Bernard Hospital
    326 West 64th Street Chicago IL., 60621
  • Healing Center at Silver Lake
    15127 South 73rd Avenue Orland Park IL., 60462
  • Gateway Foundation Alcohol and
    1 Bronze Pointe Boulevard Belleville Illinois, 62226
  • GE Counseling and Evaluation
    8553 Ogden Avenue Lyons Illinois, 60534
  • Rosecrance Inc
    915 Alexandra Drive Belvidere IL., 61008
  • Family Alliance Inc
    2028 North Seminary Avenue Woodstock IL., 60098
  • DDBHC Family Centered Treatment and
    1015 North 5th Avenue Kankakee Illinois, 60901
  • Heartland Human Services
    3000 Sugar Mill Court Effingham Illinois, 62401
  • Norwegian American Hospital
    1044 North Francisco Avenue Chicago IL., 60622


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